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Leg numbness - numb legs

Leg numbness - causes, treatment and prevention Many people know the feeling of numbness in the legs, but only a few are aware of the very serious causes that can be behind this apparently harmless phenomenon. The feeling of numbness in the legs should in no way be dismissed lightly and requires a medical examination, especially if it occurs repeatedly.
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Diet affects the effects of antibiotics

Effects of antibiotics can be influenced by the diet Antibiotics change the type of bacteria in the intestine and affect the metabolism of the bacteria. A high-sugar diet can make these changes even worse, and Brown University's recent research found that high-sugar diets can increase the negative effects of antibiotics on the bacteria in our gut.
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Home remedies

Liver regeneration - application and implementation

How the liver can regenerate againThe liver is the detoxifier of our body and the most important organ of metabolism. It forms the vital blood proteins and bile. This superorgan can cope with occasional excesses with alcohol and gluttony. Even a damaged liver can regenerate if it is supported.
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