Recall for Hansaplast plasters due to microbial contamination

Recall for Hansaplast plasters due to microbial contamination

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Hansaplast plasters are recalled

Due to the potential risk of microbial contamination, the manufacturer Beiersdorf AG is recalling four different Hansaplast products. In order to avoid wound infections, the articles affected by the recall should no longer be used.

For reasons of preventive consumer protection, Beiersdorf is recalling the following four Hansaplast meterware products:

  • Hansaplast CLASSIC 1 mx6cm, GTIN 4005800001833, batch number. 01624321, 01624323, 01664440
  • Hansaplast CLASSIC 1mx8cm, GTIN 4005800452932, batch number. 01514290
  • Hansaplast ELASTIC 1mx6cm, GTIN 4005800174612, batch number. 01434235, 01624322
  • Hansaplast SENSITIVE 1mx6cm, GTIN 4005800402968, batch number. 01624324, 01714443, 01714448

When were the plasters sold?

The products listed above were commercially available in Germany between April 30 and May 27, 2020. "If you have purchased one of the products mentioned during this period, please use the batch numbers to check whether your product is affected," Beiersdorf AG announces in a customer information statement on the company's website.

Please do not use the patches anymore

The manufacturer requests that the affected products be discontinued immediately so that consumers are not exposed to any risk of any kind. Refunds are made via the company's consumer hotline (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on +49 40/4909 7570).

What is microbial contamination?

The term microbial contamination vaguely covers a wide range of possible germs. Often, this means bacteria that are able to form toxins that can have a harmful effect on health. Unfortunately, Beiersdorf AG does not disclose what type of microbial contamination the recall is. (vb)

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