Corona crisis: Many people discover love for nature

Corona crisis: Many people discover love for nature

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Walking: a corona-related trend?

There is also a positive trend between all the stressful reports about the corona crisis. Because in addition to the improvement in air quality, many people are also becoming more interested in nature and exercise in fresh air, as the walk researcher Bertram Weisshaar reports.

Walking is healthy. Will people continue to go outside after the Corona crisis to relax in the fresh air and explore their surroundings? Bertram Weisshaar (58) assumes that the current corona-related walking trend continues even after the crisis. "In the future, more people will go for a walk than in previous years," he told the German Press Agency.

Are sidewalks and parks more important?

The Leipzig walk researcher therefore hopes that sidewalks will also play a greater role in local politics - and that those responsible will work harder for larger parks and wider footpaths. It is currently becoming apparent that the parks and paths are often too small and insufficient for pedestrians, says Weisshaar.

Easter boom expected

Especially at Easter he expects full walks in parks. "Then it's nice to stumble around on the outskirts or in unknown urban areas," recommends Weisshaar. “Beauty can be secondary. Curiosity can show us what the city and the surrounding area really are like, ”says the author, who designs guided hikes.

The importance of fresh air becomes more conscious in the crisis

Weisshaar observes that there are currently more people on the move than usual. "I'm pleased." In his view, the phenomenon has two causes: "On the one hand, many other leisure activities are currently not possible. On the other hand, a little more poetic: We are all a little bit locked up, and you now experience going out as much more meaningful. ”(Vb; source: dpa)

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