Coronavirus: smokers may have an increased risk of infection

Coronavirus: smokers may have an increased risk of infection

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Weakened immune system: is the corona risk greater for smokers?

People who smoke have a greater risk of getting sick and getting infections because smoking weakens the immune system. So is there a greater risk for smokers to become infected with the novel corona virus?

Regular hand washing and keeping a distance from the sick: you can hardly do more against the coronavirus, right? But: You can give up smoking. Because experts assume that the smokehouse exacerbates the risk.

Restricted defenses

Smoking is basically unhealthy and causes a weakened immune system - but does this also increase the risk of the new coronavirus and the disease Covid-19?

Yes, says Prof. Michael Pfeifer, President of the German Society for Pneumology. Even if there is still too little data for a final assessment.

For example, it is still not entirely clear whether smoking increases the risk of infection. But there is a lot to be said for it. "Smokers generally have a higher risk of developing viral infections," says the head of pneumology at the Regensburg University Hospital.

The reason for this: the burden of smoking limits the immune system of the bronchial system. Viruses and Co. have an easier game. "We know that from everyday clinical practice - but it has not yet been proven in the current coronavirus."

Risk of a severe course of the disease is significantly higher

However, there is more information about the course of the disease. "We have relatively clear data from Wuhan," said Pfeifer. "They give at least an indication that the risk of a severe course of the disease with a real pneumonia is significantly higher."

But is it still worth stopping smoking because of this? First of all, of course, it's always worth it - Corona over there, Corona here. In fact, according to Pfeifer, such a step could still have an effect:

“It is entirely possible to influence the risk of disease and the course of the disease even now if you stop smoking. It always makes a difference whether you are an active or a former smoker. ”(Ad; source: dpa / tmn)

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