ThermaCare recall: Burn injuries threaten

ThermaCare recall: Burn injuries threaten

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Burns and rashes threaten: recall for ThermaCare heating pads

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer Consumer Healthcare GmbH has announced the recall of two batches of ThermaCare® heat pads for larger pain areas, pack of 4. The products could be damaged and cause skin problems such as burns and rashes.

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare GmbH is recalling two batches of ThermaCare heat pads for larger pain areas, pack of 4 at the wholesale level. This emerges from customer information published by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM).

Increased risk of irritation and other skin problems

The batch number is affected by the recall. T73713 and T48946 with an expiration date: August 31, 2020.

According to the company, the recall will be carried out because occasional back pads in the affected batches may contain heat cells that may be damaged due to a manufacturing defect and therefore leak.

"This can pose a potentially increased risk of irritation, burns, swelling, rashes or other persistent changes in the skin due to direct contact of the skin with the components of the heat cells," explains the pharmaceutical company.

Call back last year

As the company writes, there is a possibility that the escaping of the black, granular heat cell content will be recognized by the customer and thus the use of the product will be refused.

According to the information, the product label warns that ThermaCare® heat pads should not be used for larger pain areas if the heat cells are leaky and / or the pad is damaged.

In addition, the product labeling advises consumers to remove the pad if skin or eyes come into contact with the contents of the heat cells, to rinse the affected area with water, and to immediately consult a doctor.

Last year, Pfizer recalled a batch of ThermaCare® heat packs for back pain in a pack of 4.

At that time, it could not be ruled out that isolated back envelopes in the affected batch contained heat cells that could reach a higher temperature than specified.

Healing heat therapy

Heat therapy is one of the most effective methods against acute back pain.

In addition to special plasters, there are also warm blankets or ointments available that stimulate blood circulation and can thus noticeably alleviate the symptoms.

Probably the most common heat-based home remedy for back pain is the good old hot water bottle. (ad)

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