Cardiovascular diseases caused by trans fats

Cardiovascular diseases caused by trans fats

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What trans fats do to our bodies

Greasy food such as pizza, hamburgers or French fries is very seductive for many people, but we should not consume such foods too often - not only to keep us at a comfortable weight, but also to avoid cardiovascular diseases. Because there are many unhealthy trans fats in the food. Prof. Dr. explains what they do to our bodies. Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the German Sport University Cologne.

Industrially produced foods are particularly harmful

French fries, chips, cookies and cakes: they not only make you fat, they also have another thing in common. All of these industrially processed foods contain trans fats.

Trans fats result from food technological processes

Trans fats result from both natural and food technology processes - for example when oils are hardened, but also when unsaturated fatty acids are heated too long or too strongly. There are no trans fats in the conventional condition of oils.

Bad cholesterol due to trans fatty acids

But what makes trans fatty acids so dangerous? "They increase the bad cholesterol level in the blood," explains Prof. Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the German Sport University Cologne. Due to the large lipid content, the cholesterol is stored in the veins and can lead to artery blockage over the years. This increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, infarction or arterial occlusive disease of the organ vessels.

Conscious nutrition protects against cardiovascular diseases

The German Nutrition Society therefore recommends keeping the daily amount of trans fatty acids as low as possible. They should make up less than one percent of food energy. Bypassing trans fats entirely is difficult. "It is better not to overdo the consumption of foods with a high trans fat content and to take a more conscious approach to the selection of foods," recommends Ingo Froböse. Fried products, baked goods and confectionery or ready meals should therefore only be consumed in moderation. (fm; source: dpa / infocom)

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