Quit smoking: which nicotine replacement helps?

Quit smoking: which nicotine replacement helps?

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Smoking behavior is crucial when quitting

One of the best known resolutions is to quit smoking. Everyone who has tried this knows that it is far from easy to keep your hands off the glow stalks. Your own smoking behavior plays an important role in the quitting strategy. A health professional gives tips on the right nicotine replacement.

The pharmacist Thomas Benkert explains which smokers should use nicotine patches and which should use nicotine chewing gum. Whether a patch or chewing gum with nicotine is the better decision depends on the smoking behavior, says Benkert.

Which nicotine substitute will help you quit smoking

According to Benkert, nicotine patches are more suitable for people who smoke regularly throughout the day. Casual smokers, on the other hand, should rather use chewing gum. The replacement products can reduce physical withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness or increased irritability.

Withdrawal symptoms often lead to relapses

Those who want to quit are often tempted by the withdrawal symptoms to light a cigarette again. As Benkert reports, such products are only suitable for a transitional period.

Replacement products only make the beginning easier

In order to say goodbye to the cigarette in the long term, according to Benkert you have to change your inner attitude. This includes, for example, finding new rituals for situations in which you previously used a cigarette.


As the pharmacist explains, nicotine chewing gums make it easier for occasional smokers to stop smoking, whereas nicotine patches are more suitable for heavy smokers because they provide the body with nicotine over a longer period of time. However, one should not rely solely on the replacement products. For more tips on quitting smoking, see the article: Quit Smoking. (vb; source: dpa)

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