Diabetes: Ginger improves metabolic values

Diabetes: Ginger improves metabolic values

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Ginger for type 2 diabetes and chronic periodontitis

Ginger is known for a variety of positive effects on health, among which its anti-inflammatory effects are particularly noteworthy. According to a recent study, the supplementary intake of ginger also leads to significant improvements in the metabolic values ​​and the treatment results in diabetes patients with chronic periodontitis.

According to the German Dental Association, people with diabetes "have a three times higher risk of developing periodontitis". Treatment is often difficult and periodontitis in turn has a significant negative impact on diabetes. So the two complaints are closely related. In the search for new treatment options for both diseases, the researchers tested the use of ginger in the current study - with promising results.

Effects of ginger supplementation examined

“The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of ginger supplementation in addition to non-surgical periodontal therapy on metabolic and periodontal parameters in patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic periodontitis,” reports the research team in the journal “Journal of Herbal Medicine ".

Participants received ginger or placebo

50 volunteers with type 2 diabetes and chronic periodontitis were given either a placebo or ginger (two grams twice a day for eight weeks) as part of the double-blind clinical trial accompanying the non-surgical periodontal therapy. At the same time, the researchers recorded the subjects' essential metabolic values ​​and the development of periodontitis (based on the gum pockets, the plaque index, the frequency of bleeding gums and tooth loss).

Improved metabolic values ​​and better dental health

There was a significant reduction in the mean values ​​of fasting blood sugar and blood sugar level (HbA1c) in the ginger group and at the same time the gingival pockets were less pronounced and fewer teeth were lost in this group. In addition, the mean serum level of the so-called good cholesterol HDL in the ginger group was significantly increased.

Accompanying therapy with ginger

“Ginger supplementation improves the metabolic and periodontal parameters in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and chronic periodontitis,” the researchers summarize their results. The concomitant use of ginger for the treatment of chronic periodontitis in people with diabetes can contribute to an improvement in "the glycemic, lipidic, antioxidative and periodontal status". (fp)

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Dipl. Geogr. Fabian Peters


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