Healthy trend drinks for the summer heat

Healthy trend drinks for the summer heat

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Not always just water: these drinks refresh at high temperatures

Summer is back. In order to defy the high temperatures and the associated health problems, it is especially important to always drink enough. Tap, mineral water, unsweetened herbal and fruit teas are the first and proven choice here. But some new trend drinks are delicious thirst quenchers.

At present, temperatures of around 30 degrees prevail in many regions of Germany. The often sweaty heat also increases the fluid requirement. Experts advise you to take another liter in addition to the already recommended 1.5 liters per day at high temperatures. But drinking so much water is too boring for many people. Some current trend drinks can help here.

Quench your thirst with fruit-flavored water

As the Consumer Service Bavaria in the KDFB eV (VSB) wrote in a message, so-called near-water drinks, also known as "infused water", are a healthy water alternative. "The flavored water is simply prepared by or pour mineral water with various fruits, vegetables and herbs, ”explains Gisela Horlemann, nutritionist at the Consumer Service.

Lemon slices and mint, or pieces of cucumber and ginger prove to be refreshing combinations. Because water quickly takes on flavor, you can confidently do without added sugar. "To ensure that no residues from pesticides get into the water, it's best to use organic fruits, vegetables and herbs," recommends the VSB expert.

Infused water is often also attributed to a health effect - there is talk of a detox drink, energy booster or fat killer, but there is little scientific evidence there. But at least the fresh, pleasant taste will surely convince one or the other “lazy drinker” to do something for their fluid balance.

Delicious ginger and vinegar lemonade

Another trendy drink is Switchel, a ginger and vinegar lemonade from North America. The basic recipe consists of ginger, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, maple syrup and water, which together with sparkling water and ice cubes offers a delicious change.

The delicious drink not only refreshes you, but also helps you lose weight. This is due to the healthy ingredients. In this way, apple cider vinegar stimulates the formation of digestive juices and thus promotes digestion. In addition, it has a positive effect on the acid-base content and regulates the blood sugar level and in this way prevents cravings. Lemon juice also stimulates digestion.

Low calorie drink alternatives

Shrub is also a vinegar-based drink. For the fruit syrup, the production of which was originally a method for preserving fruit, only three ingredients are required: fruit, vinegar and sugar. According to the consumer service, shrub is often poured into mineral sprinkles for refreshing spritzers or used for salad marinades, in chutneys and desserts. "All three beverage alternatives have in common that they contain hardly any calories, are easy to make yourself and wonderfully quench your thirst," explains Horlemann. (ad)

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