Warning of swing ropes: boy tears off his arm on a bathing trip

Warning of swing ropes: boy tears off his arm on a bathing trip

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Serious bathing accident: Doctors warn of swing ropes on rivers and lakes

In Bavaria, a boy tore his arm off in a bathing accident. The dramatic accident happened because the 13-year-old had swung himself into a lake with a rope. Doctors are now warning of vibrating ropes that can be found on lakes and rivers.

Serious bathing accidents

In the current heat wave, a dip in the cool water ensures a pleasant cooling. Unfortunately, fatal bathing accidents are also regularly reported in the warm season. In 2018 alone, more than 500 people drowned in Germany. In addition, serious injuries can occur during bathing trips. So also with a boy in Bavaria.

Friends brought the injured man's arm

Bathing is not only fun because you can cool off in the process. On many rivers and lakes in particular, there are various play and adventure opportunities for children and young people.

This also includes ropes with which you can swing into the water with a swing. But that was exactly what did a 13-year-old boy from the Rosenheim region doom.

"The boy probably swung himself onto the lake with a rope wrapped around his arm, wanted to let go, but the rope did not come loose and his forearm tore out due to his own body weight," explains Prof. Dr. Riccardo Giunta, head of the Hand Trauma Center of the Department of Hand Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Surgery at the LMU Munich Clinic, said in a message.

"Then he went to a kiosk himself and friends probably brought his arm up. From there, the boy was transferred to the Dr. brought from Haunersche Children's Hospital, ”says pediatrician Dr. Florian Hoffmann from the children's intensive care unit the further course.

Do not wrap swing cables around hands or arms

According to the announcement, an interdisciplinary team of specialists, consisting of doctors from hand and plastic surgery, trauma surgery and pediatric surgery, sewed the torn forearm back on the boy in an operation that lasted almost 10 hours.

“We currently have very good blood flow to the replanted arm. Reconstructive microsurgery has made it possible to restore nerves and vessels, ”said Prof. Giunta.

The doctor concludes with a warning: "As hand surgeons, we warn against wrapping vibrating ropes around hands or arms," ​​emphasizes Prof. Giunta. (ad)

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