Muffle alarm: Every third person wears their dirty underwear again the next day

Muffle alarm: Every third person wears their dirty underwear again the next day

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Better to smell: Every third person doesn't put on fresh underwear in the morning

Those who do not change their underwear every day and even wear them for days are in "best company". Because according to a survey, many Germans in Germany do not take hygiene so seriously. Some wear their underwear for days, some rarely take a shower and others refrain from brushing their teeth.

Not every German takes morning hygiene exactly

An international team of researchers reported last year that the smell of sweat due to certain chemical substances can make other people happy, but most are more likely to share the opinion that sweat smells strongly.

To prevent the smell of sweat in summer temperatures, many people use deodorants. However, experts believe that deodorant users sweat significantly more on other parts of the body. In addition, the Stiftung Warentest reported that only half of the deodorants they tested actually protect against the smell of sweat. The best remedy for "muffle" is still adequate personal hygiene. But not all Germans take it too seriously.

Many start the day without fresh underwear

In a survey on morning rituals, the institute "" found that personal hygiene on working days and working days after getting up is the highest priority for Germans, but for almost half a morning shower is not routine.

According to the information, more than a third of the respondents do without fresh underwear (around 37 percent) in the morning, almost half (over 46 percent) do without fresh socks. And: "A small percentage of just under five percent said they didn't brush their teeth before or after breakfast," says a message to the survey.

Muffles or bad breath could possibly be prevented if not so much time was used for the smartphone. 37 percent of those surveyed stated that checking their cell phones was part of their morning rituals. Work colleagues and neighbors would certainly be happy to pay more attention to morning hygiene.

Right hand washing underestimated

Another problem: most people do not wash their hands properly. This increases the risk of infection. Here, experts explain how proper hand washing works.

Researchers have not showered for 12 years

Some experts say that daily showering is overrated or even bad. Researcher David Whitlock is one of the radical representatives. He does not advocate showering and instead wear “a protective germ film” on the skin. He hadn't showered in 12 years. The scientist is of the opinion that shower gel and soap harm the body. Here you can read more about it. (sb, ad)

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