Be careful when collecting wild garlic: mix-up can have fatal consequences

Be careful when collecting wild garlic: mix-up can have fatal consequences

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Delicious wild garlic can not only be dangerous if it is mixed up

Anyone who collects wild garlic in the forest in the spring months should be careful not to confuse the tasty herb with dangerous poisonous plants. In addition, experts point out that eggs of the small fox tapeworm can adhere to the leaves of wild wild garlic.

Confusion can be fatal

The smell of wild garlic is one of the first signs of spring. In parks and forests it is already in the nose of walkers. As a mild garlic substitute, wild garlic leaves are a classic of the spring kitchen. The leaves of the lily family are not only tasty, but are also used as a natural remedy, for example against arterial calcification or high blood pressure. The leaves are also suitable for a detoxification treatment. But be careful when collecting wild garlic: the crop looks very similar to certain poisonous plants. Confusion can be fatal.

Wild garlic smells of garlic

Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Forestry Peter Hauk has pointed out the risk of confusion when collecting wild garlic.

According to the CDU politician, caution should be exercised because the wild garlic - which is currently sprouting with the rising temperatures, especially in sparse forests - can easily be confused with the poisonous leaves of autumn timeless and lily of the valley.

According to experts, important distinguishing features between the plants are the leaves and stems. Each wild garlic leaf grows from the ground on a single stem, usually in groups close together.

Lily of the valley, however, always have two leaves on a stem.

"In autumn timeless, in turn, extensive leaves develop, that is, the leaves are initially close to the stem and then open," explained Hauk in an older message.

An odor test can also help to tell the difference. This is how the leaves of the wild garlic smell of garlic when rubbed between the fingers, but not that of the other two plants.

In case of complaints, see a doctor

Autumn timeless and lily-of-the-valley store ingredients in their leaves that can cause life-threatening poisoning after consumption.

The first signs of poisoning include nausea and vomiting, cramps, acute circulatory problems and bloody diarrhea.

These symptoms appear two to six hours after eating. "Anyone who has these symptoms after eating supposed wild garlic should definitely consult a doctor," advised the minister.

Eggs of the small fox tapeworm can adhere to the leaves
The minister also pointed out that wild wild garlic is also not safe, since the leaves may be covered with eggs from the small fox tapeworm:

"Since these are only killed at cooking temperatures above 60 degrees, thorough washing or freezing usually does not help," says Hauk.

Tasty and very healthy

However, the warnings should not lead to the complete abandonment of wild garlic. The plant is generally very healthy. For example, wild garlic is used in naturopathy for complaints such as asthma, fever and bronchitis.

It also cleans the vessels and contains important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, iron and sulfur.

Wild garlic can be used excellently in salads, soups, dips or pasta in the kitchen. The "wild garlic" is milder than garden garlic and, when consumed in moderate amounts, does not cause any unpleasant smell. (ad)

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