Cancer risk recall: Furniture stores remove toxic dishes from the range

Cancer risk recall: Furniture stores remove toxic dishes from the range

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Escaping toxins in bamboo bowls

Several consumer protection portals are currently reporting toxic substances escaping from various bamboo tableware products from the furniture stores “Dänisches Bettenlager” and “Jysk”. Research has shown that increased amounts of carcinogenic formaldehyde are released when liquids above 70 degrees Celsius are poured into the bamboo bowls.

For reasons of precautionary consumer protection, the furniture stores "Dänisches Bettenlager" and "Jysk" are recalling their large and small bamboo bowls with the item numbers 49059002 and 49059003. The consumer protection portals "" and "" report the items can be returned to any branch without presentation of the sales receipt, with reimbursement of the full purchase price.

Lack of information

So far, nothing of the recall has been mentioned on the German websites of the furniture stores (as of February 19, 2019). It is also unclear which manufacturer the products come from and whether the affected bamboo bowls are still on sale. Apparently, the toxins are only released when liquids over 70 degrees Celsius are in the bowls for several minutes.

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety is now also reporting on the recall. According to the information there, the bowls were produced by the manufacturer Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG. The product was already taken out of sale across Europe on January 03, 2019.

What are the health risks from formaldehyde?

According to the Federal Environment Agency, formaldehyde is one of the category 1 B carcinogens. It is often used as an adhesive component in wood-based materials and can be released into the air in certain circumstances. At higher concentrations, irritation to the eyes and mucous membranes can occur. Formaldehyde is also suspected of intensifying or triggering bronchial asthma. The Federal Environment Agency recommends that the concentration of formaldehyde in the air should be kept as low as possible. (vb)

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