Research results: awareness remains after death

Research results: awareness remains after death

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What happens to the brain when the heart stops beating?

One question that humanity has been asking for a long time concerns the experience that a person has after he dies or his heart stops beating. Researchers have now found that the brain continues to work for a while after the heart has stopped beating. So do people see for a while what happens to them after their death?

In their current investigation, scientists at the Stony Brook University School of Medicine found that when the heart stops beating, the brain continues to work for some time. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Resuscitation".

Scientists examined people with cardiac arrest

There are various reports that a person can understand and hear what is happening around them even after they have actually declared them dead. Some experts wanted to analyze this in more detail. The researchers examined cardiac arrest patients in Europe and the United States for their study. They found that those of the patients who were successfully resuscitated after cardiac arrest could remember the conversations between the nursing staff and were aware of their surroundings.

What happens after death?

The time of death is the time when the heart stops beating, explains study author Dr. Sam Parnia from Stony Brook University. When the heart stops beating, it stops pumping blood into the brain and the brain begins to switch off. This process of slowly turning off the brain can take hours, and the person concerned is theoretically dead during this time, but can still be aware of their surroundings. The team hopes this study will help treat cardiac arrest and also prevent brain damage during the resuscitation of such patients. At the same time, the experts also examined the human mind and consciousness in connection with death in order to understand whether the consciousness is extinguished or whether it persists for a certain period of time. They also wanted to show how cardiac death is related to what happens in the brain in real time.

A touch with death changes people

This study suggests that people are trapped in their dead bodies for a while after being declared dead, says Dr. Parnia. People change after having such an experience. The region of thought of the brain or cerebral cortex works slowly at first when the heart stops beating, but the brain cells are still active. If cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is now performed, the heart will start again and the brain will gradually function again, explains the study author. Many sufferers who have had such an experience find a new meaning in life after they have come into contact with death. (as)

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