Siamese twins successfully separated - but many want to stay together!

Siamese twins successfully separated - but many want to stay together!

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Siamese twins - separation was successful!

The Siamese twins Nima and Dawa in Bhutan had grown together on the upper body. They have now been separated in a long operation in Melbourne and have so far survived the procedure.

A liver, an intestine

Nima and Dawa shared a liver and an intestinal tract. Both were able to successfully separate the surgeons. Except for minor problems, the operation was successful.

What Are Siamese Twins?

Siamese twins are a malformation in which the embryos grow together at an early stage, some only on the tissue, others share organs, arms and legs.

Where does the name come from?

Chang and Eng Bunker became famous. Both were born in Thailand in 1811. The country was then called Siam, from which the name Siamese twins followed.

How do Siamese twins come about?Identical twins are formed when the fertilized egg divides into two separate embryos. If these embryoblasts are incompletely separated, and this after the 13th day, then they remain connected.

How often do fetuses grow together?

Such malformation occurs in approximately 1 in 60,000 to 1 in 200,000 cases, in identical twins in 1 in 300. Three out of ten die before birth, and the rate is for a pair of Siamese twins per 1 million births.

What adhesions are there?

Most of these embryos grow together in the chest area (70 percent), followed by adhesions on the hip (5 percent) and on the head (less than 2 percent). Rarely do belly or rump connect.

The Januskopf

We refer to Siamese twins as Janus heads, with their faces looking in different directions. The namesake is the ancient god Janus. Some mythologists explain the imagination about such gods and mythical creatures even from deformities in infants.

What is the mortality rate?

If separation is possible and occurs in the first three weeks after birth, the death rate is 50 percent, and from the fourth week over 90 percent. So many shy away from the risk. Some sufferers see the separation from their Siamese twin critically for other reasons and would prefer not to be separated.

When can the twins be separated?

The twins can be separated if both have all the vital organs after the separation. Until recently, sharing a common liver like Nima and Dawa was considered impossible. The processes necessary for life such as the blood circulation must not be inextricably linked. It is easiest if the twins are only superficially grown in the tissue.

Early testimonials

Siamese twins also exist among animals. We know depictions of such couples from ancient Peru, as well as from the 11th century. There was a Siamese twin couple in Biddenden known as Mary and Eliza Chulkhorst. In the 17th century, Lazarus and Joannes Baptista Colloredo grew together from fair to fair. In 1709 a couple of sisters from Hungary were exhibited at the Leipzig Easter Fair.

Hope and Faith

The Australian sisters Hope and Faith were born in 2014. Their brains and faces were separate, but they lived in one body. They were still healthy a week after their birth, but died only two weeks later. In 2015 a baby with two heads was born in Bangladesh. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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