Better not throw it away: banana threads are full of nutrients

Better not throw it away: banana threads are full of nutrients

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Don't throw it away: there are healthy nutrients in banana threads

Bananas are among the most popular types of fruit in Germany. The fruits are not only extremely tasty, but also very healthy. What many consumers do not know is that the threads can also be eaten; they contain healthy nutrients.

Bananas provide a quick boost of energy

Most Germans love bananas. The tasty fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins. They are often used for a quick boost of energy in between. What many consumers do not know: the banana threads can be eaten with them. And even the bowl is edible - however, the fruit should then come from organic farming.

Full of healthy nutrients

Bananas are not only extremely tasty, they are also very healthy.

The fruits are especially rich in potassium and magnesium as well as vitamin B6. It also contains other minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

As a scientific study has shown, bananas can even protect against cardiovascular diseases due to their healthy ingredients.

Since the fruit is generally easy to digest (this applies particularly to ripe fruit), it is recommended not only as baby food, but also for intestinal complaints.

Curiously, bananas are used both for diarrhea and as a home remedy for constipation.

In the latter case, however, more ripe fruit must be used because unripe bananas contain a lot of starch that is difficult to digest.

Eat banana threads

Many people disturb the threads under the shell. But you shouldn't remove and throw them away. Because there are also healthy nutrients in it.

The threads, also known as phloems, ensure that the banana is supplied with nutrients as it grows.

According to Nicholas D. Gillitt of the Dole Nutrition Institute in North Carolina, they can be eaten without hesitation.

As the expert told the online newspaper "Huffington Post", he assumes that the threads are also nutritious due to their role.

However, compared to the rest of the banana, they represent such a small part that it has no effect on the nutritional content of the fruit.

And whether they are "tasty is another question," said Gillitt.

The bowl is also edible

"In general, all parts of fruit are healthy," said the specialist.

"We eat the peel of apples, pears, etc., and we could also eat the peel of bananas - including the phloems - if we find them tasty, but there is no evidence that they are harmful."

Eating banana peels would also bring additional health benefits. Because, as a study carried out at the University of San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador has shown, substances contained in the shell can protect against cancer.

However, banana peels are tough and bitter and often heavily contaminated with pesticide residues. So if you want to try a bowl, you should definitely use an organically grown fruit. (ad)

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